Sunday, June 30, 2013

Laptop Toshiba Satellite C850 Bios Crash Recovery and BIOS password Reset

Basic Electronics Analog and Digital
Using and Testing of Electronic Components and Practical Circuits
Difference between Ac and Dc Circuits and its Applications
Different Power Supply Devices and its Applications
Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Technology and its usages
Pulse width Modulation (PWM) Technology and its Application in Laptop Motherboard
Dc to Dc Buck and Boost Conversion Technology and its Applications in Laptop Motherboard
Identification, Removal and Replacement of SMD Components on Laptop Motherboard
Chip Level Practical Using Smd Lead-free soldering iron Practices, SMD Chip Soldering and Disordering Practices and tips
Understand Block Diagrams of Laptop Motherboards and Identification of Different Chips on Laptop Motherboard
Identifications Different types of Ports and Slots on Laptop motherboard
Circuit Level Tracing Using Laptop ODM Motherboard Schematics, Deep Understanding of Short Circuits, Open Circuits and Closed Circuits
Tracing Circuit Level Voltage Measurements Power on Stage, Primary VRM, Battery Charging and Power Selector Section, Secondary VRM, RAM VRM, Processor Core Vcc, Standby-Power Sequence and Power On-Sequence
Laptop motherboard repair and troubleshooting methods
Laptop Motherboard Common Fault and Solution Steps
Laptop Motherboard Testing and Fault Finding Method
How to troubleshoot Laptop Motherboards Using IC’s Datasheet based Tracing and Function Details for Advanced Studies
Laptop basics, laptop bios settings default setup and reconfiguration methods
Assembling and dissembling of different banded Laptops and Notebooks
Identification Different brands of laptop spare parts installation and replacement training
Advance methods of laptop hard disk re-partitioning and re-formatting using different 3rd party DOS based and windows based diagnostic tools
Operating system Installation methods (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) normal bootable (DVD Bootable based) installation, Dos based installations external USB bootable and factory restore methods of different branded laptops
Laptop Operating system different device driver’s installation and configuration using laptop (notebook) brand support sites, Using driver packs and hardware id identification method
Installation configurations common types of software and applications in laptops and notebooks
USB drive and external portable hard disk advanced bootable methods (using open source grub2 Linux based MBR tools)
USB drive and external portable hard disk multi bootable operating system and diagnostic tools integration methods (open source Linux based MBR tools and grub4dos menu list editing and scripting)
Laptop operating system Emergency Back and Restore Methods using Norton ghost tools and Snapshot tools
Laptop Hard disk lost data recovery methods, Data recovery concepts live practical’s of using software based Data recovery tools
New Generation Laptop UEFI Bios setting and GPT Partition methods
Installation and configuration of windows 8.1 and Linux with UEFI bios, new generation GPT Partition based advance diagnosing tool and its usage
Installation Original Genuine Window 10 Offline Oem Activation

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